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TFortis PSW-1-45-WiFi Switch


Fortis PSW-1-45-WiFi - an Outdoor 5-port Unmanaged Switch for networking IP-based outdoor video surveillance systems.

It has 4 10/100Base-Tx ports with PoE IEEE802.3af – 15.4 W per port designed to connect IP-video cameras. And 1 10/100Base-Tx port with Passive PoE 24V support (pairs 4,5 and 7,8) – 24V, 0.5А.

PSW-1-45-WiFi operates only according to the PoE mode B. 
PoE to video cameras is supplied only over free pairs (pairs 4,5 and 7,8). .

The main feature of the TFortis PSW-1-45-WiFi Switch for outdoor video surveillance is that the fifth port supports Passive PoE 24V, which allows you to connect wireless access points such as UBIQUITI without using external power adapters and PoE adapters.

There is a DIN-rail inside the switch for installation of breakers.

Connection diagram of PSW-1-45-WiFi using WiFi access point:

Connection diagram of PSW-1-45-WiFi over twisted pair:

SW-1-45-WiFi is a compact weatherproof box from durable high-quality plastic. Dimensions of the device do not exceed 240х160х90 mm, which makes it convenient for installation in places where other devices are problematically to place. Moreover, IP66 protection makes the unit unpretentious to the operating conditions.

TFortis PSW-1-45-WiFi Outdoor Switch does not support operation with TFortis TH camera housings for outdoor video surveillance

Circuit Breakers and a WiFi-access point are not included in the delivery set.

* For equipment implemented since 31.03.2016


Generic solutions

Remote object video surveillance linking with a security point can be organized using a Wi-Fi bridge according to the following scheme:

Figure. Networking WiFi surveillance using TFortis equipment.

You can read the article here: Video surveillance at the remote facility over WiFi


  • 5 ports 10/100Base-T RJ-45;


  • Ports 1-4: PoE IEEE802.3af standard (pairs 4,5 and 7,8) - 15.4 W per port;
  • Port 5: Passive PoE 24V (pairs 4,5 “+” и 7,8 “-” ) – 24V, 0.5А;
  • PoE power budget: 50 W.


  • Monitoring IP-video camera hanging;

Physical parameters

  • Mean time between failures is more than 75 000 hours (8,6 years);
  • Supply voltage: 230VAC (187V to 253V);
  • Max power consumption: 60W;
  • Protection level against external influences: IP66;
  • Operating temperature: -60 to +50°С* and above up to 65°С with less load
  • Max weight: 2kg;
  • Dimensions: 240 х 160 х 90 mm.

*Operating temperature,°С (The maximum temperature depends on the load (see diagram) )

Declaration of compliance with the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On Safety of Low-Voltage Equipment”, “Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Devices” for Fort-Telecom equipment - PSW switches. No ТС RU C-RU.АЛ16.В.01739
Validity: 26.09.2014 - 25.09.2019
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