Fort Telecom CEO wins Stroganov Award

26th of November 2021

Every year since 2005 the Direction of the Perm community presents a public award — the Stroganov Award — for the outstanding achievements of Perm city residents in various fields of activity.

This year the CEO of Fort Telecom Sergey Makarenko became the winner of the Award in the nomination "High achievements in economics and management" for the effective management of the company and the achievement of high results, for his outstanding contribution to the economic and technical development of the city  and the telecommunications industry in Perm, Russian Federation and the whole world.

The cash prize will be presented to the department of "Automation and Telemechanics" at the Perm Polytechnic University, where Makarenko himself studied and later professed. The award will be spent on the purchase of the necessary equipment for the students.

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