Solutions with TFortis equipment

  • 11th of June 2018
    The purpose of integrating TFortis switches with Intellect software is to obtain a convenient single tool for the control and management of video surveillance systems.
  • 14th of January 2018
    Different sensors (tamper, magnetically operated sealed switch) are being connected to TFortis PSW Managed Switches for monitoring their unauthorized opening. The task of broadcasting alarm events (opening the device) from the TFortis PSW switches to the “Bolid” system is solved by the TFortis TELEPORT-1 integration unit which is connected to the same local network as the switches.
  • 8th of January 2018
    BEWARD BD137P video camera is very popular among integrators of video surveillance systems. A key feature of the BD137P model is the ability to perform power supply, data transmission and PTZ control over a single cable thanks to the UltraPoE support. However, integrators often have a question: Can BEWARD BD137P video camera be powered by PoE/PoE+ switch?
  • 7th of January 2018
    One of the most frequent tasks is the networking of a perimeter security television (video surveillance) system. The following example will show how to use TFortis equipment to solve this problem.
  • 6th of January 2018
    The connection of a remote object, for which it is necessary to conduct video surveillance, with a surveillance point can be organized using a Wi-Fi bridge with TFortis equipment.
  • 4th of January 2018
    To ensure the protection of communication channels from failure, they must be reserved. Reservation inevitably leads to the emergence of ring sections of the network - closed routes. How can you reserve communication channels using the TFortis equipment.
  • 2nd of January 2018
    When operating a video surveillance system, emergency situations can occur: breaks in fiber-optic networks, emergency power-off, failure of video cameras, opening of cabinets with equipment, etc. Application of TFortis equipment solves the problem of prompt notification of personnel.
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