Unique features of TFortis switches
Advanced solutions for IP-video surveillance systems
  • Outdoor cabinet, optical distribution frame and switch
  • Cost effective solution
Operation in harsh environments and all weather conditions
  • IP 66 Protection rating
  • Operating temperature -60...+50 C and above
  • Built-in lightning protection
Technological features to solve all key problems
  • High PoE and Dual High PoE support
  • Auto camera restart when it hangs
  • Preheating of Camera housing
Comprehensive complex approach to power backup
  • Extended operation from accumulator battery
  • Reporting about a power failure
  • Uninterruptible operation time forecast
Made in Russia
  • Full technical support
  • Available in stock
  • Major projects
Video about TFortis
Integrated solutions
All-weather design
Unique functions
Solutions with UPS
Made in Russia
12 years on the market
TFortis equipment has been manufactured in Russia since 2008. The head office is located in Perm.
TFortis equipment is used in Russia, CIS, Europe, Turkey, the Gulf countries and a number of other regions.
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