Unique features of TFortis switches
Advanced solutions for IP-video surveillance systems
  • Outdoor cabinet, optical distribution frame and switch
  • Cost effective solution
Operation in harsh environments and all weather conditions
  • IP 66 Protection rating
  • Operating temperature -55...+55 C and above
  • Built-in lightning protection
Technological features to solve all key problems
  • High PoE and Dual High PoE support
  • Auto camera restart when it hangs
  • Preheating of Camera housing
Comprehensive complex approach to power backup
  • Extended operation from accumulator battery
  • Reporting about a power failure
  • Uninterruptible operation time forecast
Made in Russia
  • Full technical support
  • Available in stock
  • Major projects
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Integrated solutions
All-weather design
Unique functions
Solutions with UPS
Made in Russia
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