IP Camera Traffic Calculator

When building a network for IP video surveillance systems, one of the important indicators of a network is the value of the maximum flow generated by all video cameras in the system. The flow rate of each camera depends on its resolution, on the compression codecs used, the selected frame rate, and the intensity of movement in the camera's field of view.

These parameters depend on the purpose of the video surveillance system, in accordance with which the cameras are selected.

To calculate the bandwidth of the local video surveillance network, our calculator uses the formula:

(stream rate) * (number of cameras) + (stream from other devices)

In expert mode, you can configure flexible settings for connected cameras. In simple mode, you only set the number of cameras and their resolution.
By default, the most common settings are accepted: H.264 codec, average activity in the frame and 25 frames / sec.

At this stage, our switches are only capable of operating in gigabit networks.
Therefore, if the total stream from all added cameras is exceeded and additional devices of 1000 Mbps, a warning will be issued.



IP-camera traffic calculator

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