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System design. The choice of equipment TFortis
Using SFP modules with TFortis switches
What should I do if I don’t see the PoE status on the port in the Web interface of the switch?
What to select: PSW-1G4F or PSW-2G4F? PSW-1G4F-Ex or PSW-2G4F-Ex?
Which SFP modules will TFortis switches work with?
What SFP modules do you recommend?
Are your TBSF-13-3-12gSC-3i 1310 and TBSF-15-3-12gSC-3i 1550 SFP modules compatible with Cisco switches?
What polish do connectors of your SFP modules TBSF-13-3-12gSC-3i 1310 and TBSF-15-3-12gSC-3i 1550 have?
What TFortis midspans TFortis TH-02 and TFortis TH-03 camera housings will work with?
Is there any heating or cooling in TFortis CrossBox-1 and CrossBox-2 cabinets?
What is the name of the 230VAC power connector in TFortis PSW outdoor switches? What wire cross section is suitable?
Is it possible to get 12V or 24V voltage from the TFortis PSW switch for powering camera housings or third-party devices?
Can I power a wireless access point from the TFortis PSW PoE switch?
What are the requirements for the central switch for organization of the ring topology with TFortis switches?
How many switches can I connect in a ring?
How many hours will TFortis PSW-2G4F-UPS operate with powering from the built-in battery?
Can TFortis PSW control a PTZ IP video camera?
How to ensure the proper operation of lightning protection in the TFortis PSW switches?
Prices and Orders
Where can I find out the product price?
How to make an order?
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