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What is TFortis?

TFortis is a trademark of IP-video surveillance equipment. TFortis equipment has been manufactured in Russia since 2008. Today, hundreds of system  integrators in Russia and abroad use TFortis equipment in their projects.

TFortis product range is represented by outdoor and indoor PoE switches, surge protection units, midspans, media converters, camera housings and additional equipment for networking of IP-video surveillance. TFortis equipment allows to create maintenance-free networks: switches with built-in lightning protection and with industrial components are resistant to any temperatures and weather conditions. TFortis swithes control the state of IP video cameras and automatically reboot them in case of hanging. Video camera and camera housing are powered by single Ethernet cable.

What does TFortis include?

The main components of the system are:
1. Outdoor PoE TFortis PSW Switches 
2. Outdoor anti-vandal cabinets with built-in optical CrossBox
3. Central SWU switches



TFortis PSW – Compact Multifunction Switches designed for networking IP- video surveillance systems (primarily - outdoor video surveillance). The devices are an integrated solution. It includes
  1. Switch
  2. PoE midspan for remote power supply of IP video camera and camera housing
  3. Lightning protection modules for Ethernet ports and 220V PU
  4. Hanging Control Module for video cameras
  5. Preheating Module for camera housing that is used for comfortable start of video cameras
  6. System for maintaining their own microclimate
  7. Power Supply Units
  8. Microcontroller providing service functions and WEB control
  9. Compact casing and convenient mounting elements


Despite the fact that the switch has a weatherproof design, it is convenient to place it in cabinets for several reasons: Firstly, additional equipment can be installed inside the cabinet. For example, breakers, electricity meters, Optical Distribution Frame and other electronic equipment. Secondly, the metal shell provides anti-vandal design to the entire assembly.
We offer ready-made compact TFortis CrossBox cabinets with protection rating IP54. Inside the cabinet there is an Optical Distribution Frame, which is attached to the rear wall. The PSW switch is installed on top of the Optical Distribution Frame. This arrangement provides a compact and convenient placement of all equipment inside the cabinet. DIN-rail is mounted below the switch on the base of the Optical Distribution Frame. There is enough room for the breaker, the meter, and for the technological outlet.


What is unique about TFortis?

There are a number of factors that allow us to call TFortis a unique solution in the market of IP-video surveillance:
  1. TFortis equipment has an operating temperature from -55 to +70°C (depends on model), which is confirmed not only by laboratory tests, but also by real equipment operation since 2008.
  2. TFortis switches and camera housings have IP66 casings. They withstand dust and moisture and can be operated in the open areas.
  3. Video cameras and camera housings are connected by single Ethernet cable. At the same time, data transmission, video camera and camera housing power supply are carried over one cable. This simplifies installation and makes it cost-effective.
  4. To safely turn on the video cameras in cold weather, the TFortis equipment includes the preheating function for the camera housings. You are guaranteed to activate the system in any weather and save expensive video cameras.
  5. TFortis switches manage the hanging of video cameras. If this happens, they will automatically reboot them. This allows to construct unattended video surveillance network.
  6. TFortis equipment has a Built-in Lightning protection for Ethernet ports and 220V PU that reliably protects both switch and connected video cameras.
  7. Gigabit SFP slots allow you to connect equipment via optics, which is important for video surveillance for extended facilities and perimeter protection.
  8. The presence of two gigabit ports allow you to connect switches in a chain or ring. The ring topology provides an additional communication channel with each video camera, which dramatically increases the reliability of the entire system.
  9. Switches with PoE + support allow you to connect outdoor PTZ dome video cameras with up to 60W power consumption.
  10. The performance of the switch with an integrated UPS is unprecedented in the market, providing an even higher level of reliability.
All these factors not only make the TFortis equipment unique, but also allow the implementation of IP-video surveillance systems at a completely new level, offering the market a new class of unattended systems.
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