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TFortis switches: new functionality of free software. September update: network map

18th of September 2019

We continuously enhance the functionality of TFortis Device Manager software to provide ease of operation and meet the specific demands of our partners.

TFortis Device Manager helps users to search for TFortis devices in the network, configure and monitor them. In September we added a new option — the network map — to allow for tracking of the device condition in real time.

The network map is a graphic representation of network devices that displays their links and critical parameters.

Capabilities of the map

Network map displays:

  • Condition of the device — online/offline
  • Description of the device
  • Location of the device
  • Power supply mode — 230V or built-in UPS
  • Condition of links on the port
  • Condition of optical tamper sensor (for PSW-2G+, PSW-2G6F+, PSW-2G8F+ switches)
  • Condition of dry contact inputs – Sensor 1 and Sensor 2

Build the map manually by following this simple algorithm:

  1. Add a device on the map after it is detected in the network
  2. Establish links between the devices, specify the required shape of lines between them
  3. Move the devices around the map to make it easy-to-use
  4. You may delete unnecessary devices

Additional functions of the map:

  • Scaling — you may change the map scale by moving the cursor in the program
  • Viewing the detailed information about the device condition
  • User-friendly color legend: green color shows normal condition of the device, red shows alarm condition
  • Saving and restoring the map

The map is saved automatically when you close the program and is restored when you re-open the program. When you create the map for the first time, we recommend closing the program after you have added all the devices to save the data.

You may install the map on a Windows PC. 

We are planning to add more functions to the network map. Follow our news!


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