Security of ICEBERG Almaty warehouse terminals

23rd of February 2018
TFortis PSW-2G4F switches are installed at the ICEBERG Almaty warehouse terminals in Almaty region.  
ICEBERG Almaty provides logistic services and has its own warehouse center. It was necessary to install a video surveillance system to ensure the protection of the perimeter of storage facilities, the recognition of car numbers, as well as the control of production processes. 
The warehouse area was equipped with 50 Hikvision video cameras, which are connected via TFortis switches to video servers. There are 30 TFortis PSW-2G4F switches installed in total.  
“When choosing outdoor weatherproof equipment, an acceptable price and Russian production played a decisive role in favor to TFortis. Moreover, the TFortis switches have the function of automatic camera reset, which avoids unforeseen temporary and financial maintenance costs. The equipment is already installed at the facility and now is in operation,” commented Igor Martynov, director of ICEBERG Almaty. 
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