Security System at the Shipping Lock

26th of March 2018
A major project to build a video surveillance system was implemented by Integra-S at the Novosibirsk Shipping Lock. The TFortis PSW-1 switches have become a part of an integrated security system.  
Novosibirsk Shipping Lock is a part of the Novosibirsk transport and energy center.
The integrators faced the task of improving existing security tools to improve the level of security of the facility. Design and integration of the system was carried out by the Integra-S. 
The TV surveillance system is designed for video recording of technological processes, as well as for broadcasting to the operator video images in the event of receiving an alert message, in order to timely counter violators. 
The equipment was selected taking into account the climatic conditions of the facility: strongly continental climate, cold and long winter and short hot summer. System included TFortis PSW-1 switches, rotary and stationary  Integra cameras. To protect the cameras from the adverse effects of the environment,  TFortis camera housings were used. 
The project was implemented based on Integra-Planet-4D integration platform. Integra-Planet-4D is a high-level geographic information system (GIS) where all objects, sensors, devices and video images are georeferenced and time-related. 
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