TFortis Equipment in Taman Sea Port

18th of June 2019

Taman is a sea port in Krasnodar Region of Russia that serves for transportation of petroleum products, coal, iron stone, fertilizers, grain and other export goods. The capacity of the port is now 14.1 million tons per year, which makes it one of the busiest ports in Russia. With the commissioning of new terminals, the capacity will reach 70 million tons per year, making Taman a major Russian sea hub.

A partner of Fort Telecom, IPDROM, developed a video surveillance system for the port. Fort Telecom equipment was selected due to its weatherproof design and ability to operate in extreme weather conditions, because Taman has many thunderstorms and rains even in dry seasons.

The IP video surveillance system of the port is built with TFortis PSW-2G8F+ outdoor switches located inside TFortis CrossBox-3 cabinets with TFortis SG-Switch lightning protection units.

The lightning protection unit TFortis SG-Switch is designed to provide additional protection of 230 VAC supply circuits and Ethernet circuits of TFortis PSW from severe interferences caused by powerful lightning strikes. TFortis SG-Switch increases the level of lightning protection of TFortis PSW switches.

TFortis CrossBox-3 outdoor cabinets are attached to poles using TFortis support brackets.

At the moment Taman sea port is already open to international traffic. But the construction of new terminals will create new opportunities for the application of TFortis equipment.

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