The territory of an innovative cluster in Kaliningrad Region is protected by TFortis switches

28th of June 2018

A residential complex "Technopolis GS" is a unique project that embodies the ideas of the leading world urban developers. The complex was built according to European standards. It is located in Gusev town, Kaliningrad Region. Its infrastructure includes everything to provide comfort for its residents: sports and recreational facilities, children playgrouns, a memorial park. A construction of a large shopping center, educational and healthcare facilities is also planned. A key priority of investors was security of the residents.

A partner of Fort Telecom, "Intellect Holding" Group of Companies is involved in the development, implementation and servicing of integrated security solutions. It installed TFortis equipment on the territory of the residential complex.

50 video surveillance cameras and 70 switches were installed for perimeter surveillance. A 6-port switch with a built-in uninterrupted power source , TFortis PSW-2G4F-UPS, was the primary choice — 52 such switches were installed. Switches are used for surveillance, access control and security monitoring. Outdoor cabinets CrossBox-2 and CrossBox-3 were installed for additional protection of the switches. This will provide equipment reliability during operation in outdoor conditions and ensure uninterrupted operation of the whole system.

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