Video surveillance at the plant, Belgorodsky Cement CJSC

12th of February 2018
In 2014, the company “Technical Barrier” LLC completed the project to build an IP-video surveillance system on the territory of the plant “Belgorod cement” CJSC in Belgorod.
The plant produces and delivers various types of cement of European quality from raw materials mined in its own quarries. The products are used for the construction complex in Russian regions.
The existing analog CCTV system at the plant did not meet the requirements of the enterprise security service, so it was decided not only to replace outdated equipment, but also to install equipment in areas requiring increased attention from the security service: in areas of loading of finished goods and property storage, on the main thoroughfares and on the routes of motor transport and freight trains.
The main requirement for the video surveillance system was to ensure uninterrupted power supply in the event of a power surge or an unexpected shutdown. Moreover, due to the length of the plant’s territory, the equipment should transmit video streams over long distances without quality loss. To implement these tasks, TFortis PSW-2G-UPS switches with the integrated uninterruptible power supply were selected, which provide the backup power supply of the switch itself and IP-video cameras.
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