Video surveillance network in the Mercedes-Benz dealership

TFortis PSW-1G4F switches are installed in the showroom of Telta-MB LLC, the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz cars in Perm. 

At the stage of mounting the lighting supports along the perimeter of the showroom, a twisted pair was connected to them to install a single camera for video surveillance per support. However, the existing number of cameras did not provide the necessary level of security, so over time, there was a need to increase them.  
To solve this problem on supports were mounted managed TFortis PSW-1G4F switches with outdoor Optimus IP-E092.1(20x) and Optimus IP-E012.1(2.8-12)P_V2035 IP video cameras. 
The equipment was selected taking into account the climatic conditions of the facility: degree of protection against external influences IP66 and the wide operating temperature range of the TFortis PSW-1G4F and Optimus cameras ensure the uninterrupted operation of the entire system in any weather conditions. 
“The video surveillance system is working properly. It’s nice that the equipment manufacturer is a local Perm company,” comments  Alexander Morozov, system administrator of Telta-MB LLC. 
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