TFortis TELEPORT-1 integration unit for dry contacts broadcasting


Article: Monitoring an unauthorized opening of TFortis PSW switches with event transfer to ISO “Orion” (Bolid)

TFortis TELEPORT-1 integration unit is designed for integration of TFortis PSW switches with security systems.

Inputs of the device are intended for connecting detectors (end switches, magnetically operated sealed switches, devices with relay-controlled output).

Outputs are normally open relays. They can be connected to signaling loops of security devices.

RS-485 is designed for connection to various systems for data transmission.

The device is configured via the Web interface.

One of the TELEPORT-1 applications - to broadcast alarms from TFortis PSW switches (cabinet opening, no connection with the ip-video camera, etc.) to the security system produced by Bolid.

Scheme. Alarm Broadcast from TFortis PSW switches to the ISO "Orion".

* For equipment implemented since 31.03.2016

  • 10/100Base-Tx with RJ-45 connector – 1 pc.;
  • supports Auto-MDIX;
  • supports flow control of IEEE 802.3x;



  • quantity - 9 pcs.
  • normally open contact;
  • switching voltage - 30V;
  • switching current - 50mA;
  • channel resistance - 10 ohms;
  • galvanic isolation is provided.

Inputs - 3 pcs

RS-485 - 1 pcs

Power supply - 12..24V.

Max power consumption - 3W

Operating temperature - from +5 to +40°С (41 to 104 F).

Dimensions - 106x90x58 mm (width of 6 modules).

DIN-rail mounting - available.

Max weight - 0,3 kg.

* For equipment implemented since 31.03.2016

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