Warning! The kit does NOT include: Circuit Breakers; SFP-modules; Optical Patch Cords; Pigtails; Shrinkable plastic sleeves; Optical Adapters.

Fortis PSW-2G6F+ - an Outdoor 6-Port Gigabit Managed Switch designed for networking IP- video surveillance systems with powerful IP video cameras. The switch supports PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at, High PoE) power. Two ports of the switch are intended for powering PTZ IP video cameras with max power consumption 60W. It has a built-in optical distribution frame.

PSW-2G6F+ Switch is a compact weatherproof (IP66) box (240х360х120 mm) made of durable high-quality plastic. Switchboard, PSU, Optical Distribution Frame and DIN-rail are installed inside the unit.

PSW-2G6F+ Switch is an integrated solution. It includes:

  • Managed Switch with two gigabit SFP slots for the organization of extended sections of data transmission via optics;
  • 6 ports for connecting video cameras;
  • PoE Midspan for remote power supply of IP video cameras and camera housings;
  • Lightning protection modules for Ethernet ports and 230VAC PU;
  • Hanging Control Module for video camera;
  • Preheating Module for camera housings that is used for comfortable start of video cameras;
  • 230VAC PU;
  • Microcontroller providing service functions and WEB control;
  • Optical Distribution Frame and DIN-rail;
  • Compact casing and convenient mounting elements.

Standard layout for use of TFortis PSW-2G6F+ Ethernet switch:

TFortis PSW-2G6F+ Managed 6-port Switch is convenient to fasten to a pole (support) with a mounting panel.

* For equipment implemented since 31.03.2016


Dual PoE+ (IEEE 802.3 at) Support

The main feature of the PSW-2G6F+ switch is powering via double PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) due to which it became possible to power any PoE-video camera over simple Ethernet cable. This is implemented as follows. Over wire pairs 1,2 and 3,6 (mode A) is transmitted 30W and over pairs 4,5 and 7,8 (mode B) is transmitted 30W as well. As a result, the total load is 60W. Powerful devices support this power scheme. For example, outdoor PTZ-video cameras with a declared capacity of 60W. It’s important that this device supports operation of devices required simple PoE (IEEE802.3af) with max power consumption of 15W.

Built-in Optical Distribution Frame

PSW-2G6F+ Switch has a version with a built-in optical distribution frame. It allows distributing optics directly inside the switch casing. There will be no need in external cabinet that will significantly save money.


Connecting devices «in a chain»

Two gigabit ports allow you to connect PSW-2G6F+ in a chain. Only one optical fiber is used. It is most relevant in case of leasing communication lines or lacking free fibers in an optical cable.


Designing Fault Tolerant Network (STP/RSTP)

STP/RSTP protocols are supported for providing a Fault Tolerant Network. This provides additional communication channels between devices. In other words, each video camera has an alternative communication channel. In case of breaks in optics or the failure of a particular network node, traffic will follow alternative routes. It is recommended to use ring topology with RSTP protocol


Gigabit Bandpass

Gigabit speeds allow you to download the total traffic, even from powerful video cameras, even when connecting them to the PSW-2G6F+, connected in a chain.


Implementing Gigabit Ports on SFP Modules

Gigabit ports are implemented by SFP slots. Now, you can use this type of SFP module that is the most suitable. Use the module for 2 km or 80 km, with a SC or LC connector, single-mode or multimode, etc. – you decide. If the distance is less than 100 m, you can even equip the SFP slot with a copper SFP module. According to the order specification, PSW-2G6F+ units can be supplied either with pre-installed SFP modules or without them.


Comfortable activation of video cameras at low ambient temperature

The most critical moment in the operation of the video camera is the process of its activation at low ambient temperature. Precisely a cold start can cause the failure of an expensive video camera. To avoid such cases, PSW-2G6F+ unit is implemented with preheating of camera housings. The essence of it is that after power is applied to the unit, initially will be powered heating elements of camera housings but only after a while the video camera itself. This delay allows obtaining comfortable conditions for activation of video cameras, and you will be able to save expensive equipment.


Protection against video cameras’ hanging

PSW-2G6F+ constantly controls the connection of the video camera to the switch. If the video camera stops responding to requests from the switch, it is decided that camera is hanging. Then PSW-2G6F+ restarts the video camera via PoE. This function allows you to minimize the maintenance of the video surveillance system on the site. This function can be disabled by software.


Turning video cameras on/off remotely

Since the PSW-2G6F + powers cameras via PoE, the operator can turn on or off the video camera with a single mouse click, which is necessary when operating the video surveillance system.


Lightning Protection

Power inputs and ports that cameras are connected to have high-power surge protection elements (lightning protection). This allows both the PSW-2G6F+ switch itself and video cameras to function in an unfavorable electromagnetic environment.


Harsh Operating Conditions

PSW-2G6F+ does not require maintenance and is designed for 24-hour outdoor operation at ambient temperature -60 .. +50 °C* and above up to 70°С with less load.


Management via WEB

The switch is managed through a simple and intuitive Web interface. Before installing the switch at the site, at first, it should be configured, at least set the network settings. During operation, you can check the status of links on ports, turn on or off the video camera, and diagnose the integrity of the line to the video camera and much more. A regular firmware update increases the device capabilities. This means that by purchasing today the PSW-2G6F+ with one set of features, tomorrow you can increase your functionality by simply updating the software. They are free and you do not need to dismantle the PSW-2G6F + for its’ upgrade. Everything can be done remotely over the network via a friendly Web interface.

* For equipment implemented since 31.03.2016


  • 6 ports 10/100Base-Tx RJ-45 PoE/PoE+;
  • 2 ports 1000Base-X SFP.

Switch supports any gigabit SFP-modules. 
Recommended SFP modules for use.


  • PoE standard: 802.3Af and 802.3at (PoE+, High PoE);
  • Passive PoE support;
  • port power: 2 ports - up to 60W, other 4 ports - up to 30W;
  • PoE power budget: 160 W.


  • Monitoring IP-video camera hanging;
  • IP-video cameras and camera housings are powered by one cable, twisted pair;
  • Preheating of camera housings;


  • STP (802.1d)/RSTP(802.1w);
  • IGMP Snooping v2;
  • VLAN (802.1q);
  • Flow Control (802.3x);
  • Quality of Service(QoS, 802.1p).


  • SNMP v1, v3;
  • Cable tester;
  • SNMP Traps;
  • Syslog;
  • System log;
  • Tamper sensor;
  • Dry contacts for connecting external sensors.


  • Web-interface;
  • Telnet;
  • SNMP v1;

Physical parameters

  • Mean time between failures is more than 75 000 hours (8,6 years);
  • Supply voltage: 230VAC (from 187V to 253V);
  • Max power consumption: 200W;
  • Protection rating against external influences: IP66;
  • Operating temperature: -60 to 50°С* and above up to 70°С with less load
  • Max weight: 4kg;
  • Dimensions: 360 х 240 х 120 mm;
  • Optical Distribution Frame:
    • ODF front panel: 8 slots, SC (duplex LC);
    • Sleeve size for splice-cassette: 40 or 60 mm.
    • Number of slots in the cassette: 16 shrinkable plastic sleeves.

Warning! The kit does NOT include:

  • Circuit Breakers;
  • SFP-modules;
  • Fiber Splicing Accessories.

*Operating temperature,°С (The maximum temperature depends on the load (see diagram) )

Declaration of compliance with the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On Safety of Low-Voltage Equipment”, “Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Devices” for Fort-Telecom equipment: Switches, Midspans, Media Converters. No. ТС N RU Д-RU.АЛ16.В.34692
Validity: 03.06.2014 - 02.06.2019
Declaration of compliance with the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On Safety of Low-Voltage Equipment”, “Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Devices” for Fort-Telecom equipment - PSW switches. No ТС RU C-RU.АЛ16.В.01739
Validity: 26.09.2014 - 25.09.2019
CE certificate for LVD 2014/35 / EU directive (safety of low voltage equipment)
Validity: 29.06.2020 - 29.06.2024
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