Warning! The kit does NOT include: Circuit Breakers; SFP-modules; Optical Patch Cords; Pigtails; Shrinkable plastic sleeves; Optical Adapters.

TFortis PSW-2G8F+ - an Outdoor 8-Port Gigabit Managed Switch designed for networking IP- video surveillance systems with powerful IP video cameras. The switch provides PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at, High PoE) max power of 30W per port. It has a built-in Optical Distribution Frame.

PSW-2G8F+ Switch is a compact weatherproof (IP66) box (240х360х120 mm) made of durable high-quality plastic. Switchboard, PSU, Optical Distribution Frame and DIN-rail are installed inside the unit. Mounting panel has a din-rail shaped notch for installation of single circuit breaker.

TFortis PSW-2G8F+ Managed Switch is convenient to fasten to a pole (support) with a mounting panel.


  • 8 ports 10/100Base-Tx RJ-45 PoE/PoE+;
  • 2 ports 1000Base-X SFP.

Switch supports any gigabit SFP-modules. 
Recommended SFP modules for use.


  • PoE standard: 802.3Af and 802.3at (PoE+, High PoE);
  • Passive PoE support;
  • port power: up to 30W;
  • PoE power budget: 160 W.


  • Monitoring IP-video camera hanging;
  • IP-video cameras and camera housings are powered by one cable, twisted pair;
  • Preheating of camera housings;


  • STP (802.1d)/RSTP(802.1w);
  • IGMP Snooping v2;
  • VLAN (802.1q);
  • Flow Control (802.3x);
  • Quality of Service(QoS, 802.1p).


  • SNMP v1, v3;
  • Cable tester;
  • SNMP Traps;
  • Syslog;
  • System log;
  • Tamper sensor;
  • Dry contacts for connecting external sensors.


  • Web-interface;
  • Telnet.

Physical parameters

  • Mean time between failures is more than 75 000 hours (8,6 years);
  • Supply voltage: 230VAC (187V to 253V);
  • Max power consumption: 200W;
  • Protection level against external influences: IP66;
  • Operating temperature: -60 to 50°С* and above up to 70°С with less load
  • Max weight: 4kg;
  • Dimensions: 360 х 240 х 120 mm
  • Optical Distribution Frame:
    • ODF front panel: 8 slots, SC (duplex LC);
    • Sleeve size for splice-cassette: 40 or 60 mm.
    • Number of slots in the cassette: 32 shrinkable plastic sleeves.

Warning! The kit does NOT include:

  • Circuit Breakers;
  • SFP-modules;
  • Fiber Splicing Accessories.

*Operating temperature,°С (The maximum temperature depends on the load (see diagram) )

Declaration of compliance with the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On Safety of Low-Voltage Equipment”, “Electromagnetic Compatibility of Technical Devices” for Fort-Telecom equipment - PSW switches. No ТС RU C-RU.АЛ16.В.01739
Validity: 26.09.2014 - 25.09.2019
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