TFortis TELEPORT-2 integration unit for dry contacts broadcasting


TFortis TELEPORT-2 integration unit converts the RS-485 interface to Ethernet and vice versa, Ethernet to RS-485.

TFortis TELEPORT-2 integration unit is primarily intended for integration of video surveillance systems consisting TFortis PSW switches with security systems, data collection systems (energy accounting), actuators, etc.

The TELEPORT-2 is connected between the TFortis PSW switch and the security controller (for example, Perimeter Protection controller).

Wherein TELEPORT-2 is powered over PoE from the TFortis PSW switch, it itself can power controller with a voltage of 12..24V. This results in saving on separate PU for the controller.

The data received from the controller (using the RS-485 interface or dry contacts) is transferred to TELEPORT-2 and then via Ethernet to the TFortis PSW switch.

From the TFortis PSW switch, data is transmitted over the FOCL (fiber optic communication link). The transmission range depends on the characteristics of the optic SFP modules used and can be tens of kilometers. This results in saving on laying a separate line for data transmission over RS-485.

At the data receiving site, the information collection and processing system (ICPS) server either directly receives this data over Ethernet, or converts it from Ethernet to RS-485 using the TELEPORT-1.

Scheme: Integration of the perimeter security system with a video surveillance system based on the TFortis PSW.

Inputs of the device are intended for connecting detectors (end switches, magnetically operated sealed switches, devices with relay-controlled output).

Output is normally an open relay. It can be used to control actuators (for example, an automatic barrier, wicket), etc.

RS-485 is designed for connecting to various systems, the data from which you need to transmit over long distances.

The device is configured via the Web interface.

TELEPORT-2 integration units are designed for operation in harsh operating conditions. They can operate for 24/7 at a temperature range from -55°C to +70°C. Interfaces have galvanic isolation and are resistant to pulse interferences.

* For equipment implemented since 31.03.2016

  • 10/100Base-Tx with RJ-45 connector – 1 pc.;
  • supports Auto-MDIX;
  • supports flow control of IEEE 802.3x;

RS-485 - 1 pc. with galvanic isolation.

Inputs - 5 pcs. with galvanic isolation.

Outputs - 1 pc., max switching voltage: 250V, current: 150мА.

Power - PoE (IEEE802.3af Class 3).

Power output - 24V, 6W.

Operating temperature - from -55°С to +70°С.

Protection level against external influences: IP66.

Dimensions - 160 х 160 х 90 mm.

Weight - max 2 kg.

* For equipment implemented since 31.03.2016

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