TFortis TH-02 Camera housing


ATTENTION! TFortis TH Camera housings operate ONLY with FSE-2C (without preheating) midspans or TFortis PSW (excluding PSW-1-45-WiFi) switches

TFortis TH-02 Camera housing is designed to protect IP-video cameras from adverse environmental effects (cold, moisture, dust) during outdoor video surveillance.

TFortis TH-02 Camera housing is based on VIDEOTEC HOT39D1A housing and intended for operation with TFortis PSW switches. The main feature is that the camera housing is powered via PoE. This allows transferring data for the IP video camera, power for it and power for the camera housing, using a simple 4-pair twisted pair. Please note that you do not need to lay a separate power cable to the camera housing. This will allow you to save on materials and work.

TFortis TH-02 camera housing is adapted for cold climate. Operating temperature range is -45°С to 50°С. This is achieved by using a special technopolymer material that holds heat well and a preheat function. Thanks to this function, it became possible to safely turn on video cameras even at low temperatures.

It is important to note that the TFortis TH-02 camera housing is suitable for most IP video cameras. In order to determine the possibility of installing a specific video camera, use the drawing, which is given in the Technical Specifications.

Connection diagram

TFortis TH-02 camera housing operates with TFortis switches, as well as with FSE-2С midspan

The kit includes WBJA Bracket.

The camera housing is conveniently mounted to the support with the  TFortis bracket

* For equipment implemented since 31.03.2016



  • Housing material - Technopolymer
  • Protection rating - IP66
  • Capacity of the heating element – 10W
  • On/Off thresholds for heating element:
    • +15°С – on;
    • +22°С – off.
  • Operating temperature from -45°С to 50°С;
  • Weight: 1.2 kg with WBJA bracket
  • Dimensions without the bracket: 146Х391х101 without sealed leads.
  • Useful internal space under the camera:
    • 250x90x50
    • 250x80x60
    • 250x70x70


Compatibility with IP-video cameras:

TFortis TH-02 camera housing is compatible with any IP-video camera that supports PoE and High PoE, and suitable for the dimensions of the housing.

Compliance certificate GOST for TH camera housings
Validity: until 19.02.2020
Declaration of compliance with the Technical Regulation of EAEC No. RU Д-RU.ЦС01.В.03685
Validity: until 23.07.2022
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