Warning! The kit does NOT include: Circuit Breakers; SFP-modules; Optical Patch Cords; Pigtails; Shrinkable plastic sleeves; Optical Adapters.

TFortis CrossBox-1- a compact outdoor cabinet adapted for TFortis PSW switches.

Despite the fact that TFortis PSW switches have weatherproof design, they are convenient to place in cabinets for several reasons: Firstly, additional equipment can be installed inside the cabinet (breakers, electricity meters, etc.). Secondly, the metal shell provides anti-vandal resistance to the entire assembly. Thirdly, the electronics is hidden from prying eyes, what in some cases the customer requires.

The cabinet includes an Optical distribution frame.

List of switches that TFortis CrossBox-1 is intended for:

The cabinet is conveniently mounted to the support with TFortis brackets.



Due to multilayered structure (switch is mounted over Optical Distribution Frame) there is an opportunity to place equipment inside the cabinet very compactly.

DIN-rail for additional equipment

In the cabinet there is a DIN-rail, where it is possible to mount an additional equipment (circuit breakers, electricity meters, etc.)

Convenient installation

All TFortis Box components are easy and fast to install. Installation works can be divided into two parts. Firstly, optics is distributed and then the active equipment is installed. It allows performing system installation by different teams.

Cabinet drawing:

Mounting type - hinged

Metal thickness -1.5 mm

Coating type - powder, shagreen

Color - RAL 7032

Protection rating IP54

Door swing angle - 105Р’В°

Sleeve size for splice-cassette - 40 or 60 mm

Weight - 8 kg



  • Cabinet
  • Optical Distribution Frame:
    • Splice-cassette for 32 shrinkable plastic sleeves
    • ODF front panel for SC adapters - 8 pcs.
    • DIN-rail.
    • Elastic cable glands..

List of switches that TFortis CrossBox-1 is intended for:

Declaration of compliance GOST on TFortis CrossBox cabinets
Validity: 13.02.2020 - 12.02.2023
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