TFortis CrossBox-3 cabinet

Warning! The kit does NOT include: Circuit Breakers; SFP-modules; Optical Patch Cords; Pigtails; Shrinkable plastic sleeves; Optical Adapters.

TFortis CrossBox-3 a IP54 outdoor cabinet for the organization of outdoor video surveillance nodes. Cabinet includes: Optical Distribution Frame, DIN-rail, mounting plate adapted for installation of TFortis PSW switches.

Two big TFortis PSW switches can be installed in the cabinet:

or max 4 small switches:

Splice-cassette of the optical distribution frame is designed for 32 Optical plastic sleeves. It is allowed to install splice-cassettes in several levels. Optical distribution frame as well includes ODF front panel for 8 adapters with SC connectors.

Cabinet is fastened to the support by TFortis brackets.



  • Mounting type - hinged.
  • Metal thickness -1 mm.
  • Coating type - powder, shagreen.
  • Color - RAL 7032.
  • Protection rating IP54.
  • Operating temperature from -60°С to +70°С.
  • Door swing angle - 105°.
  • Weight - 21 kg.

Optical Distribution Frame

  • Splice-cassette for 32 shrinkable plastic sleeves.
  • ODF front panel for SC adapters – 8 pcs.


  • Width – 35 mm.
  • Length – 240 mm.

The kit includes Elastic cable glands.

Declaration of compliance GOST on TFortis CrossBox cabinets
Validity: 13.02.2020 - 12.02.2023
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