Optical SFP-module 1Gbps up to 3 km

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TBSF-13-3-12gSC-3i 1310 
TBSF-15-3-12gSC-3i 1550 

A set of optical single-fiber transceivers of SFP format for single-mode optical fiber up to 3 km.The design of the transceivers allows for a “hot” replacement. In the operating switch or media converter, it is possible to replace or add a transceiver without stopping the operation of the entire network. A durable metal casing increases the service life and reduces electromagnetic interference.


Modules have been tested. It is recommended to use together with TFortis PSW-2G4F switches and other managed TFortis PSW switches and Media Converter FC-2


Warning! These modules are sold only as a pair.

The scheme shows all possible combinations of single-fiber SFP modules in TFortis PSW switches:

It is important that different modules were on one line of optical fiber:
  1. Multiplexing WDM
  2. Data transmission distance max 3km
  3. Data-transfer rate 1.25Gb/s
  4. Optical power budget 11dB
  5. DDM (Digital diagnostic monitor) function no
  6. Type of fiber SMF
  7. Connectors/fiber 1xSC, SMF
  8. Polishing UPC
  9. Output power -13 to -7 dBm
  10. Sensitivity of receiver 24dBm
  11. Wavelength, nm 1310TX/1550RX; 1550TX/1310RX
  12. Transmitter type FP
  13. Hot swappable;
  14. Metal enclosure for lower EMI;
  15. Temperature range, °C Storage -40 to +100. Operation 40 to +85
  16. Permissible humidity, % 0-85 (no condensation)
  17. Power supply 3.3V
  18. Specifications/Certificates MSA SFP; RoHS, CE, FDA, FCC
  19. Supported Network Interfaces 1.25Gb/s 1000Base-LX Ethernet;
  20. Dimensions, WxHxD, mm 13.4х12.46х56
Declaration of compliance for SFP modules “Rules for the use of equipment for wired and optical subscriber access systems”
Validity: 25.06.2014 - 25.06.2024
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